ASKING FOR TEAM USA: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONFIDENCE AND ARROGANCE?: Having confidence as an athlete can give you a competitive advantage. But as shown by the American women’s football team in recent days, confidence and arrogance sometimes wear a similar or even indistinguishable. The team will face England on Tuesday in Lyon, France, in the semi-finals of the World Cup. With the charges surrounding a ground war in a hotel (also known as the “Spygate”) and an unjustified arrogance, the real question is: when does confidence between the territory of arrogance?

Susie Moore, life coach and author of What Works? Said that the fundamental difference between the two modes of expression is the intention of a person or a player. “Confidence comes from healthy, ingrained self-esteem,” he says. “Confidence is the willingness to experience negative emotions such as fear, uncertainty, shame and doing things anyway.” Arrogance, on the other hand, comes from insecurity. “Arrogance thinks you’re the only one who counts: the winner takes everything, you’re the only star,” adds Moore.

Three-time World Cup

With regard to the three-time World Cup champions, the goals of the EE team have not been clearly defined. UU With his actions towards the England team. England saw “Spygate”, the so-called effort of the American team. UU Looking at the rival hotel in Lyon, as a violation of the label.

“It’s not something I would like the person on my operations team to do,” said England coach Phil Neville at CBS Sports. “It’s not something we do, send someone to another team’s hotel.” From Neville’s point of view, the intent behind the incident seems to indicate arrogance rather than trust. But the EE team. UU He described the situation as a whole as a logistics inquiry and not as a bullying technique. “The only two people who plan to plan ahead in my team are my administrator, must book all flights and everything else, and his boss and all the rest, yes, they do not care for it, “said the coach. US UU team Jill Ellis in response.

The scandal of the hotel

Leaving aside the scandal of the hotel, the behavior of the American team. UU He seems especially confident (with only a little arrogance) according to Moore’s definition. They want to win because they think they can, but there can also be a touch of ego present. And personally, I think it’s okay. As pointed out by his coach, Ellis after the American victory. UU On June 9, in Thailand (followed by headlines highlighting a “relentless” and “relentless” victory), “arrogance” is a word often thrown to female athletes. “I’m sitting here and I’m going, if it’s 10-0 in a men’s world cup, will we have the same questions …?” Said Ellis, according to CBS Sports.

Three months ago

It’s a good question. Three months ago, the UU Il women’s football team fought against discrimination based on sex (the men’s team receives about $ 27 million more than single women in the World Cup). They have worked hard to be three-time world champions and will do the same to make sure that the zeros at the end of the men’s matches match theirs in the near future. No, we do not need “evidence” that athletes of all gender identities deserve equal pay, but winning games help to draw attention to injustice. Then, if a manifest line of trust is a necessary ingredient to reach this last turn, I say that the game continues.

The clinical psychologist Aimee Daramus, PsyD, based in Chicago, makes this interesting distinction. “Arrogance thinks you’re the only one who counts, the winner takes everything, you’re the only star,” she says. “Confidence still leaves room for others to shine, too. Safer people can be happy as members of a team, often arrogant people.” Football players use confidence as an offensive strategy. What they play is more than just defending a series of victories.

The pay gap in sport is too real: it shows here how some of your favorites are accumulating. In addition, the exciting new addition to the uniform of the Nike Women’s World Cup.

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