Carli Lloyd Leads Women’s Soccer Team

Carli Lloyd Leads Women’s Soccer Team

Carli Lloyd Leads Women’s Soccer Team: Most footballers are beaten if they score a goal in a major tournament. So you can only imagine how Carly Lloyd felt after he managed to save three goals in just 16 minutes in the most important game ever: the 2015 World Cup final against Japan.

The excitement began after a few minutes of play when US midfielder Yu Yu, who was also captain of the team, grabbed a ball on Japanese goalkeeper Ayumi Kehuri. And then aroused Japan’s dissatisfaction, he did it again! In addition to establishing a strong advantage for the American team. UU. , Lloyd made history by scoring the fastest goals in a row in FIFA history.

Carli Lloyd Leads Women’s Soccer Team

But with more than 85 minutes remaining in the game, there is still plenty of time for Japan to score. At least that was the consensus during the few minutes that midfielder Lauren Holliday took from the United States to score another goal that takes the score to 3-0.

After that, in what could only be described as a surreal moment, inside and off the pitch, Carly Lloyd did it again, this time from the midfield! Not only did the talented player not only win the FIFA Women’s World Cup, but also the fastest in history. Tobin Heath put another nail in the coffin for a fifth goal during the second half.

Although the Japanese team defended themselves bravely and even managed to score two goals, it was too late. The American players were very dominant. In addition to ending the 16-year drought at the World Cup with a decisive 5-2 win, the United States became the first female team to win the title three times.

What made the victory

What made the victory more distinctive is that of the USA. UU. They met with the same team in the 2011 finals. However, the result was somewhat different, as Japan won the World Cup title after the defeat of the United States. UU. In the penalty shootout.

In addition to the prestigious gold medal, the United States goalkeeper. USA, Hop Solo, took the Adidas Gold Cup as a glove for their brilliant defense efforts. Not surprisingly, Carly Lloyd, who scored a total of six goals (including three goals on Sunday), gets the Adidas Golden Ball as the best player in the tournament. Carrie Jennings is the only other American to win this title at the opening of the Women’s World Cup in China in 1991.

Adidas Golden Cup Most goals scored for Germany were Celia Sasic. Although she and Lloyd had the same number, Sasic managed to score his six goals with the lowest time on the pitch.

What is next for these incredible women? Visit the White House to show President Obama’s World Cup awards and medals. He will then return to the field to prepare for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to try to win the gold medal for the fourth time in a row!

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