Rihanna Went Day Drinking

Rihanna Went Day Drinking

Rihanna Went Day Drinking: Remember a few months ago when I asked you to STOP ALL and see this clip of Seth Meyers and Ina Garten getting drunk in the middle of the day together? Well, I regret to inform you that I need your full attention again because “Day Drinking With Seth” has returned for its second segment and that guest is … Rihanna. RIHANNA.


There are many things that fall into the segment of almost 12 minutes, and you should savor them since Rihanna rarely gives interviews of this type (… if you can call that an interview). The drink starts at the same bar that Seth and Ina drank while Seth drinks based on some of Rihanna’s most famous songs. Some examples? “Under my Umbrella”, “Diamonds in the rye” and “We found Widow in a place for hostesses”, the latter offers expensive champagne with a Twinkie immersed in it. It is quite unpleasant, and yet they drink. They drink it all.

The most urgent question

The conversation is about giving advice. It turns out that the most urgent question that Rihanna is asking is what will continue for her. “If I leave the music,” he asks Seth, “then what should I do?” The question is surprising in many ways: the tycoon is already creating an original brand of ready-to-wear garments and accessories for the luxury conglomerate LVMH (she is the first woman of color to do so, by the way). Oh, and every day, he asks questions about when his fans can expect new music, his latest album released in 2016.

Did Seth know he was confirming some of the worst nightmares of millions of fans asking questions? His reaction is “Oh, oh!” So. Can be?

Anyway, from there, both shoot, makeup Seth makeup and determine what is the worst collection line of all time. It’s a good moment. For one of them, at least.

No, but in reality, they seemed to have a total explosion. And disgusting. She is so beautiful. I can not, I can not, I can not, please. New music PLEASE


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