The Worst Spring-Summer Menswear Trends 2019

The Worst Spring-Summer Menswear Trends 2019: We shouldn’t really say this, but fashion trends can be a waste of energy. For every welcome gear change in our wardrobes, there are other trends that are fleeting and unflattering, unsustainable for both the wallet and the planet.

Others, of course, are certifiably crazy. In most cases, the trends to skip are those at the sharp end of menswear: the most extreme looks, fresh off the catwalk. Capital-F fashion rarely looks as good on the street as on the runway, and even more wearable trends don’t suit everyone.

The Worst Spring-Summer Menswear Trends 2019: To be clear: we’re a style site, we’re not anti-trend. If you have the skill and confidence to integrate the most directional menswear into your look, good for you. But most men can’t do the western thing without looking like a line dancer. Or warp core without looking like they’re going paintballing.

This season, most of us are advised to direct the seven directions below. Our editors have highlighted the most challenging, the foggiest and the most … In fact, let’s say what we mean: these are the worst trends in the spring and summer, along with what you should use instead.

Costumes with a bare trunk

Adaptation of the naked trunk can be a more oxidative tendency. The suit (which prides itself on tradition and the ability to cover the whole body) is worn without a shirt and leaves a body more than is decent or practical.

The Worst Spring-Summer Menswear Trends 2019: This is not too heavy. Dior, Hermes, Etro, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Driss van Noten showed shirt suits for the SS19, while Childish Gambino proved to be the courageous spirit that chose to wear the IRL look. To be fair, it has succeeded almost, but the rest of the male population on the planet does not enjoy the luxury of being a Gambino Infantil, so the essence of this trend needs to be seriously re-evaluated to make it more transportable.

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